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Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Weight loss in South Florida

Dr. Forbess has successfully worked with many conditions. Here are just a few of the conditions that have responded to chiropractic.

  • Pain in the Neck, Back, and Headaches 
  • Pain in the Shoulders, Hands, Feet, Arms, Legs, and Feet
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia

It would be unethical to guarantee success with any individual. However, many people benefit from chiropractic care. The statements below and case studies of patients Dr. Forbess has written about DO NOT constitute a guarantee of success. Each person is unique. The following is given for informational purposes only. 

Pain in the Neck, Back, and Headaches 

Chiropractic was discovered initially to help deafness and other illnesses. A natural additional effect was that it helped many backaches, neck pains, and headaches. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we also use therapies such as massage, ultrasound, hydrotherapy, traction, and other therapies to help neck and back pain. In order to obtain long term improvement, and to help prevent future episodes, we look for the source of the symptoms. We encourage you to make changes, whether in posture, ergonomic changes, exercise, or other lifestyle changes.

Pain in the Shoulders, Hands, Feet, Arms, Legs, and Feet

As time went on, correcting joint misalignments in other joints also helped many ailments in these joints. Additionally, other therapies have been found helpful. We use cutting edge therapies that help to improve joint pain. 


Using chiropractic therapies in the office, sciatica is a common condition we have good success with most. We use advanced techniques through specialized chiropractic adjustment, flexion/distraction (decompression), and other therapies as needed. Our focus is helping to reduce pressure on the nerves and allowing the body to heal itself, preferably without drugs and surgery. It is non-invasive with no known side effects. We can use it over any part of the body, but avoid the eyes and pregnant belly.


Many people with Fibromyalgia feel like there is no hope for improvement. Many with this condition have found health and hope in our office. Dr. Forbess offers compassionate chiropractic care, nutrition help, and wellness recommendations.