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Lose a Pant Size Over Your Lunch Break

Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Weight loss in South Florida

Lose a Pant Size Over Your Lunch Break

Carrying extra fat is hard. It weighs you down, makes everyday tasks challenging, and affects your confidence. Losing fat can be even harder! If you’ve ever tried losing fat, getting in shape, or simply leading a healthier lifestyle, you know how hard it can be to see results. No matter how much you starve yourself, no matter how many hours you sweat at the gym, there are always stubborn areas that simply do not respond to dieting and exercise.

Inside Outside Transformation

We have a method that will help you to transform, safely, within a matter of days and weeks! Using natural, safe light, herbs, and a few diet changes, you will see results on the first day, and even more changes within a few days! Pants, shirts, and clothes will fit better, and you’ll be looking for a new wardrobe within a few weeks! Plus you’ll feel better than you have in years! How is it possible? There are NO drugs, NO starvation diets, and NO surgery; just a whole new YOU!

We carry our fat in various places. We don’t usually like seeing it on our lower belly, arms, chest, or legs. Too much fat can cause serious health conditions if it is inside the abdomen, around the heart, or in the liver. Often we don’t know it is there until we have a heart, lung, or liver condition. Using different methods you can get us the results you want, and help your health to boot!

Part 1: Outside In

Using our new UltraSlim body contouring device, we can guarantee fat loss immediately! We will measure before and after the treatment to show you. Just one 32-minute (four 8-minute exposures to front, back, and each side) treatment for the belly removes an average of 3.5 inches. That’s over 9,000 calories lost, which translates to almost 3 pounds. You’ll feel and see the difference without any negative side effects! Plus, the device is very safe, with the same FDA classification as a tongue depressor. 

Our most popular UltraSlim therapy is our BellyBuster procedure. Using this technology, you repeat the laser therapy once weekly until you achieve your goal. Each patient will need individualized treatment, but patients typically only need 4-6 sessions to achieve great results you can see and feel. In addition to trouble abdominal fat, we can use UltraSlim to remove fat from many other parts of the body as well.

Part 2: Inside Out

Using diet changes and supplements, you can clean up from the inside out, shedding pounds from the abdomen, heart, and other body parts. Dr. Forbess uses a system that detoxifies the liver and other structures, and along with a good diet, you’ll shed 7 or more pounds weekly! We typically recommend a 7-day or 28-day program depending on the individual patient’s needs, and the whole process is very safe and easy! 


When we expose the red light to your fatty areas, the fat cells open small pores, allowing fat to drain out. This fat is then transported to the liver, which gets it out of the body. Research reveals these pores stay open for up to 72 hours following the UltraSlim treatment. Using minimal diet changes coupled with herbal supplements, you will naturally help encourage the fat to be removed from your body at a more rapid rate. The whole process acts like a giant vacuum cleaner, sucking out the fat at a fantastically fast rate so that in just a few days, you’ll see and feel the difference!

In other words, the UltraSlim loosens the fat cells and when combined with the diet and herbs, we create a vortex of fat removal, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! And best of all, it’s safe! This combination will allow you to lose more than either method on its own, with 12-15 pounds losses in the first week realistically achievable!

* Weight losses are not guaranteed, as individual success depends on following the program as outlined. Dr. Forbess will discuss what goals are achievable at the time of your consultation. You will only get out what you put into the program. Full details on the UltraSlim 2 inch guarantee are provided at the consultation.