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Safe, Rapid Weight Loss Programs

Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Weight loss in South Florida

Safe, Rapid Weight Loss Programs

Thirty years of experience has taught me that safe weight loss is a must! Doing the same things and expecting a different result doesn’t work! Make changes to lose fatty weight, while not compromising health!

Any program should look towards a goal of achieving improved, optimal health, or you will be back where you started, or worse. Below are some safe weight loss programs, with links.  Go for it!

Take Shape For Life 


Rapid, safe weight loss. Most foods are ready-to-go, or little preparation (shake, microwave).

Program foods have 100% of the RDA of 24 vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  Initially, exercise is not crucial.  The focus is on increasing metabolism using foods, but without stimulants. The program is easy to follow.  Results are rapid and predictable. There are special plans for Diabetes, Heart Disease, Gluten-free, Bariatric surgery, etc.  John Hopkins University performed multiple studies and approved this program. The program includes a free health coach and support system with doctors, nurses, and nutritionists.  There are weekly interactive talks about health and wellness from doctors and nurses.

This program is approved and recommended by major medical and chiropractic universities. Up to 2-5 lbs. weight loss per week. Costs are lower than most other programs, and there are no fees, other than food and educational supplies (optional).  This is best for those on-the-go individuals, as a number of the foods are the type you can carry with you.

The 5&1 program is the most popular program and will get the quickest results. You eat 5 program meals daily, and make-at-home or eat out for the 1 “Lean & Green” meal daily. The “Lean & Green” meal consists of 5-7 oz of lean meat or vegetarian protein, and vegetables.  The initial order includes a complete quick start guide that explains the program completely.

Your health coach (myself or my wife) is available for help and questions. We do prefer you to let us help you with the first order, as we want to make sure you get started right, make suggestions for the highest success, plus get all available discounts on products.

Join the BeSlim club to get free shipping (you can cancel at any time).  Free foods are included when you start. Email us so we can get you added discounts, when available.

You can contact us currently at this email address GoodNutritionLive@gmail.com.  If you need immediate assistance, our telephone number is at the bottom of the page on the website. On the page, it shows my wife’s name, Julie, but we are both able to help you. Once you sign up with us as your health coach, we can help give you a personalized experience, increasing your success!

For pre-picked variety packs, click on “Kits” in the LEFT COLUMN.  Any of the various kits have enough program foods for a month (PLUS they will add some free meals in the initial order).  Choose a kit and add it to your cart. As necessary, the program will ask for your information.

For a-la-carte, choose 20-22 boxes (your choice) instead of ordering the kits. Boxes contain 7 meals. Snacks are NOT meals. You are allowed one snack a day. Snacks are not included in kits. Any order can be changed to include kits, ala carte foods, or both.  

Fill out as appropriate your personal information, credit card, etc. We recommend you sign up for the BESLIM club.  It’s free and you will receive free shipping on all kit orders and any food orders above a certain amount.  Cancel at any time. (see website for full details). Your order will arrive about a week later.

21 Day Fix


Do you like to make your own food? Do you want to use foods from your own kitchen? Then this is the plan for you! The program emphasizes portion control in combination with exercise.  Containers are used to keep portion control in check. If you have special dietary needs (ie. Diabetes-low sugar, heart disease-low sodium, etc.), then make smart choices and avoid foods high in sugar, starch, salt, glutens, etc. This program gives you a wide scope of foods you can choose from, so choose wisely!

STEP 1:  Click the “JOIN” button, fill out the information, which gains you FREE enrollment, and helps retain us as your coach, so we can help you when needed. On the website, we have discounts greater than Amazon, which charges more for the books, DVDs, etc. than our discounted rates. Membership has its benefits!

STEP 2:  Click on the SHOP button.  Scroll down to see the programs.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, choose the “21 Day Fix Essential Package” and add the fixate cookbook, “FIXATE – 101 Personal Recipes by Autumn Calabrese” which is a great add-on for the program.

If you regularly exercise, consider the “21 Day Fix EXTREME Essential Package” It might be a better fit to push you to the limit.  Add the “FIXATE – 101 Personal Recipes by Autumn Calabrese” which will give you added food options.

If you want to add some superfoods to help energize you and create even better long term health, choose one of the Challenge packs with Shakeology Shakes, choose the regular or extreme versions of the same programs with discounted rates for the shakes.

From the SHOP menu, look to the TOP LEFT column and click on “Challenge Packs”.  Now choose:

“21 Day Fix and Shakeology® Challenge Pack” OR “21 Day Fix EXTREME and Shakeology® Challenge Pack”

Don’t forget to add “FIXATE – 101 Personal Recipes by Autumn Calabrese”

There are several other packages with added values for on-demand online videos of various different workouts, and there are Spanish versions available.

Atkins Diet


This program is a good low carb diet, and if you make wise food choices, you can lose significant weight quickly. There is no support system other than books and their website. You can find several Atkins books at Amazon.com.Type “Atkins diet” in the search window.

South Beach Diet


This program is another lower-carb program but uses more fruits and sugars. It is more difficult due to higher sugar content and fruits during the weight loss phase. Follow the program exactly for the best results. There is no support other than the book (amazon.com) or website.