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Organ Illnesses and Conditions

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Organ Illnesses and Conditions

Organ function is controlled and regulated by the brain, through nerves that come from the spine. When these vertebrae have a chiropractic misalignment, There is nerve pressure. This nerve pressure will cause dysfunction, so the organs and tissues affected will not function as well as they should. I will give you a small representation with several examples of my own patients who have been helped. These examples are not a guarantee of success with any other person but are given to give you information about some real people helped by chiropractic care.

Case 1: Blindness

Jane has had 3-4 episodes weekly (for several years) of blindness lasting minutes to hours. She is a nurse and was under the care of an ophthalmologist (eye doctor). Over the last few years, she has had the condition, she has had multiple brain scans, and been to a variety of specialists to no avail. She came to my office out of desperation. An examination and x rays found a chiropractic misalignment at C2, near the top of the neck. A program of chiropractic treatment over about 2 months then began. Although 1 episode of blindness occurred during the first week of care, the patient had no more episodes of blindness. Some 10 years later, the patient returned for a weight-loss lecture in my office and reported she never had the condition return in all that time.

Case 2: Bladder Control

Jim came to my office after hearing that we had helped a loss of bladder function with others. His condition was the worst I had ever seen. He lost total bladder function and was utilizing catheters throughout the day to allow him to urinate. Neurological testing had confirmed that the bladder muscle was not functional. After an examination and x rays, chiropractic misalignments were found at T12 (mid-lower back) and in the lower lumbar region (low back). T12 affects kidney function, and several low back vertebrae affect bladder function. I explained that improving these misalignments may have a positive impact on bladder control, however, I also told him I was somewhat dubious of the bladder muscles’ ability to function again due to anticipated atrophy over the last 2 years of nonfunction. He elected to try chiropractic. I also told him it might take some time before he would have any positive results. During the first 6 weeks of care, he began to be able to urinate several drops, which had never happened during the previous 2 years, no matter how much he tried. He went back to his urologist (MD) for a regular checkup and told him. The MD responded that that was probably only his abdominal muscles, and he would never regain use of the bladder. Jim came back somewhat dejected. However, he did realize that he had really tried before with no results, but now, with chiropractic, he was having some success. During the next several months of chiropractic care, he began to urinate more and more. At one point he went for another bladder function test, and now they found that his bladder was fully functional! Over a year has passed since that time, and he is still able to urinate normally, without catheters.

Case 3: Bowel Function

John had a long history (many years) of constipation. Occasionally he had low back pain, but it usually went away. “No biggie” However, his lower back pain returned again with severe pain, and he came in for chiropractic care. He had a bowel movement (BM) every 2-3 days (normal is 1-3 times daily). His feeling was that a BM every 2-3 days was “normal” for him. Chiropractic misalignments were found at multiple places in the lower back. Misalignments in this area can cause pain, but the nerve roots in the area control the colon, bladder, private areas, and legs. Due to the severity of the problem he required 4-5 months of care. During the 6-7th week, he began finding that after each chiropractic visit he needed to stop on the way home to have a BM. Eventually, he became regular, with a BM 1-2 times daily, without adding extra fiber or any medication into his diet. Following this course of care, although he was seen occasionally for different problems, he never again had constipation.

Case 4: Heart Function

Henry was a firefighter with a history of atrial fibrillation. At the time his MD did not recommend a pacemaker, but occasionally Henry would have an episode. He came in for treatment for some back pain. On evaluation, however, in addition to trouble found in his lower back, a chiropractic misalignment was found at T1/T2, just below the neck, in the upper back. I suggested the treatment in the area and he agreed. I also suggested he come in during atrial fibrillation episodes, on his way to the hospital, if possible, to check it during an episode. We found 2 things during the time he lived here. First, with treatment, he had much less frequent episodes, and secondly, if he came in for treatment during an episode, the fibrillation would stop and the heart functioned normally.

Case 5: High Blood Pressure

I’ve seen a number of patients for high blood pressure (BP), and most with the chiropractic misalignment at C1 have been helped. Here is a more extreme case, similar to a few of the patients I’ve seen with this.

Janet called on the telephone complaining of symptoms that could be extremely severe high blood pressure. Her daughter brought her in, as she could not drive herself, due to the condition. I had seen the patient before, and her normal BP in my office was low normal at 90/60. Her BP that day was 180/120, double her normal. I also found a chiropractic misalignment at C1 (Atlas vertebrae), at the top of the neck. If we were not able to lower her blood pressure immediately, I would be sending her to the ER. I explained this to Janet, and she agreed to try. I performed a special C1 adjustment and then took her blood pressure. It dropped 30 points right away! We continued to treat her until the neck stabilized. Other than 2 flare-ups of the blood pressure over the next few weeks while she was receiving chiropractic care, she never had that condition again. Since that time she moved to a different state, and more recently she came in to say hello, as she was back to visit her family. I asked her if she ever had another episode, and she had not.

I learned of this from my uncle, also a chiropractor. He always took blood pressure readings before and after his treatment, and he noticed an average drop of 20 points in people with high blood pressure. Interestingly, a research study was performed by a cardiologist and a chiropractor in 2007 that found a similar drop in abnormal blood pressure of those with the C1 misalignment. I could go on and on, but needless to say, chiropractic vertebral misalignments are not normal, and if left untreated, can cause other conditions in the body.